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phd architecture + transportation design

by dr. nadine zinser-junghanns I tu munich

on february 16th 2011 nadine zinser-junghanns defended her ph.d thesis architecture + transportation design. the dissertation has been developed at the institute for architecture and product design, prof. richard horden at tu munich in cooperation with bmw, 

dr.-ing. joachim kolling. 

the phd compares the two design disciplines architecture + transportation design through different decades and topics like material, construction or design language.


architecture + transportation design
are design disciplines that are ubiquitous in today‘s world of work and life. buildings and automobiles significantly define the artificial environment in which we operate every day. they are both an expression of what is technicaly possible and a reflection of social trends. these social, political, economic, environmental and technical factors are driving forces in the development of architecture + transportation design.

in this thesis the common, different and independent stages of development in architecture and transportation design are chronologically described, analyzed and compared for the first time. the general historical steps of the two disciplines are divided by decade and described and compared in parallel. specialised chapters analyse the developments, both in materials, construction, joining and manufacturing technology, as well as in design and functionality.

in addition, the thesis shows archetypes and analogies, which are only recognisable after the complex analytic comparison. on this basis, past, present and future steps in architecture + transportation design can be better understood, classified and predicted.

an overarching objective of this dissertation is to promote interdisciplinary exchange for viable and sustainable developments in architecture + transportation design.






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